Dr Brian J Dixon

for Fort Worth

Brian believes...


...within each of us, great change is possible.  Social progress starts with empowering ourselves physically, emotionally, and socially; our rules and responsibilities should reflect our social desires for transparency, accountability and fun.  Brian blends Economic Impact, Transportation, Housing, Neighborhood Development, Healthcare, Education, and Safety into actionable plans for our district, our city, and our nation.

Big Ideas, Big Plan: District 8

Mindful @ Glenwood Park

The nation's first mental health business park, Mindful is a public private-partnership model that reinvests in a neighborhood, energizes the 15th largest city, and redefines the national conversation on mental health.

Community Composting

A pilot program (pending) in partnership with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, we build a local pipeline to reduce waste and promote healthy eating;  saving the city money and strengthening community cohesion by employing local neighbors to collect, manage, and distribute organic compost.

There in Southside

A proposed entertainment destination for District 8, There is a thoughtful and responsible approach to urban development in the "gig economy."  Built to include modern conveniences, There creates a not-to-miss experience for locals and visitors alike.

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